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Promised Land Interviews Oliver Hartmann
Promised Land interviewed Oliver Hartmann, singer and guitar player that has been taken part on Avantasia's project since The Metal Opera I. The questions were sent by PL's members.
On the interview he talks about his relationship with Tobias Sammet, his participation on the new albums and a forthcoming tour.

Check a small piece of it:

"Promised Land: So, first of all, thanks for the interview, Oliver. Let's start talking about Avantasia that has 2 albums coming soon (in which you are a guest). You have such a good relationship with Tobias, don't you? I mean, you've been part of Avantasia since "The Metal Opera Pt I" and recently he has sung a song on your new solo album... Tell us a little bit how you guys get along. Have you ever thought about playing together on another project or even on a band of yours?

Oliver Hartmann: We know each other for 10 years now and since the time when he asked me to participate on the first part of Avantasia - where none of us all could imagine how big and successful this project would grow- I can say that our relationship really turned into a great friendship. Tobias is a very funny guy that you can always have a laugh with but besides all that he's definitely a really reliable person what for sure is hard to find in this kind of business. I was happy to have him as guest singer for the track "Brothers" on the new Hartmann album "3" and he really did an outstanding job. When I started to make up my mind about a fitting vocalist for this song Tobias came into my mind straight away since his voice was absolutely perfect for this role. We never really talked about doing another band or project together and due to his work for Avantasia and his main band Edguy I don't think that there'd be any more time left for another side project. But let's see what the future brings."

If you wanna read the whole interview, head to:
Promised Land - Interview with Oliver Hartmann
The Wicked Symphony & Angel Of Babylon available for download!
Avantasia's new albums, The Wicked Symphony e Angel of Babylon, are finally available for download, a few days before their official release.

To download them, head to:
Download - The Wicked Symphony & Angel of Babylon

Note: Promised Land is not responsible for the way our members use these files. We just suggest a safe website so that they can download the albums. Besides, we're completely against piracy, so we ask the true fans of Tobi's project to buy the CDs. Promised Land isn't the responsible for the files and, in case of problems, the suggested website for download should be contacted.

Dying for an angel video clip!
It was publicized this week Avantasia's brand new clip featuring Klaus Meine (Scorpions). The song Dying For An Angel, which has already been posted on Tobias's website, had its video revealed on Myspace Videos.

Due to a few problems we had about posting the video here, you may check it by heading to:

Dying For An Angel - Video Clip

Promised Land interviews Michael Kiske
Promised Land - Avantasia's Fan Club has recently managed to interview the legendary German singer Michael Kiske (Unisonic; ex-Helloween).

On the interview, Michi talks a bit about Avantasia, but also about his projects for 2010 and thoughts of his own.
Check out some pieces of it below:

"Promised Land: Which Avantasia's album do you like the most? Is there any song that sounds like your own music, I mean, something that you would include in a CD of yours?

I really like LOST IN SPACE. Unfortunately my version never ended up on the album. But that's a song that really meets my taste. But I have a huge range of music that I like and understand!


Promised Land:
Who had chosen the name Unisonic and why?

It took a while to find a good name! [...] It was build out of UNISON and SONIC [...]


Promised Land:
And how about Unisonic's tour? Don't you feel afraid the fans may be waiting for that Kiske of 16 years ago on stage? How are you dealing with this kind of uncertainty?

That's a good question. The answer is: I mainly ignore it. [...] I will be and do how I feel that day when we play, that's it. I am not the same person anymore anyway. [...]"

To read the full interview, head to:
Promised Land - Interview with Michael Kiske

You want to know what the new Avantasia albums are going to sound like? You can! From Thursday the 11th on you will get your personal online listening sessions here at

To listen to the new material is very easy and of course it is absolutely for free. All you have to do is sign up for the backstage section with a valid email address. To listen to the songs you have to do the following: Click on the "backstage" button in the menu bar. Then type in your valid email address. You will receive a link in your email account that you have to click on and after that follow the instructions. After this you will be able to enter the backstage section any time with only your email addess and password. It's that easy! Have fun and enjoy your first impression of "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon".

If you have already registered, just log into the backstage section as usual and click on "Listening Session - New Avantasia material".


Promised Land posts Avantasia’s new pics!
Promised Land - Avantasia's Fan Club posted this Saturday brand new pics from Avantasia's forthcoming albums ("The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon") made by Alex Kuehr and avaiable to the press on Nuclear Blast website. Besides, both CDs' covers were posted in high resolution.

To check the photos, head to:

Topic - Avantasia's new pics

Dying For An Angel avaiable on Tobi's website
On April 3rd the two brand new Avantasia albums "The Wicked Symphony" and "Angel Of Babylon" will be released. The two albums be released seperately, but also in a deluxe edition featuring both albums in two digibooks with two beautiful booklets plus an additional book with interview, history, biography, linernotes and the download code for exclusive bonus material. The albums feature guest stars like Klaus Meine (Scorpions), Eric Singer (KISS), Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Ripper Owens (ex-Judas Priest), Jon Oliva (Savatage), Bob Catley (Magnum), Jorn Lande (Masterplan), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Jens Johansson (ex-DIO, Stratovarius), Andre Matos (ex-Angra), Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS, ex-Meat Loaf) and many more.

Now is your chance to listen to the first track off the album, a short edit-version of the track "Dying For An Angel" featuring Klaus Meine of the Scorpions as guest vocalist, Tobias on vocals and bass, Sascha Paeth on guitars and Eric Singer (KISS) on drums.

To listen to the song, CLICK HERE

Promised Land reveals its "1st pack" of surprises!
As promised, Promised Land will bring lots of surprises to the fans in this month of March.
To get started, nothing better than a huge interview with Tobias Sammet* (in English and Portuguese)! Avantasia's creator talks about the expectations on the new albums, the special guests and his musical influences.

Interview with Tobi - Portuguese
Interview with Tobi - English

But that's not all!
Not only Tobias but also Michael Kiske is on our website! An amazing interview with the bald guy will be published on Promised Land soon, and you can send your own questions to him! Besides, in recent conversations with Kiske, he told us a little bit about the tour with Unisonic (Michi's new band) and some places they may visit next year!
For more information, head to:

Kiske - Portuguese
Kiske - English

But don't forget: there are lots of surprises still coming, much greater than this one! So, keep your eyes open and add Promised Land on you favorites!

*interview to the german magazine Heavy

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