The Metal Opera Pt. I & II - Characters

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The Metal Opera Pt. I & II - Characters

Post by Raul on 4/14/2008, 19:05

Tobias Sammet - novice Gabriel Layman
Michael Kiske - druid Lugaid Vandroy
David Defeis - friar Jakob
Ralf Zdiarstek - bailiff Falk von Kronberg
Sharon den Adel - Anna Held
Rob Rock - bishop Johann Adam von Bicken
Oliver Hartmann - Pope Clemens IV
Andre Matos - Elderane, the elf
Kai Hansen - Regrin, the dwarf
Bob Catley - Tree of Knowledge
Timo Tolkki - voice in the Tower

"When you open your eyes
When you gaze at the sky
When you look to the stars
as they shut down the night
You know, this story ain't over"


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